Spinning Mills - Profit maximization package

Getting the right mix for production is always a nightmare for production industries.

A minor miscalculation could lead a major loss for the concern. Budgeting is another major source of problems in a production industry. A textile-spinning mill has to take into several factors before it could embark on production of yarn.

Cost of production & Profitability Estimation Product Ranking

Break-Even Analysis

Sensitivity Analysis

Variance Analysis

MIS Reports

Graphical Reports Most profitable product mix


Eliminates the errors in average costing Cost Comparison

Cost Trends for cost factors

Accurate Costing

Decision Making Package

Product Description

This product utilizes textile engineering, costing, finance, accounting and cost control principles to develop a foolproof software for the spinning mills. This is not only a costing package but also a DECISION MAKING PACKAGE, which is made easy by its unique design, reports and graphical presentations. for the concern.

- Cost Analysis Reports - MIS Reports

- Graphical Reports

Cost Analysis Reports

The cost analysis reports are extracted by the costing formulae from the given inputs. The cost results are accurate because everything is going to take from the latest information. The Cost sheet will be generated by the formulae with individual breakups and be consolidated into a report.

Cost of Production & Profitability:

This package generates the cost of production, net profit, cash profit and profit/loss per spindle shift for each count. Based on the profit estimation the ranking and other analysis reports are generated. Users can generate the cost sheet for all counts or for any particular count.

Ranking of Products

Based on the cost sheet results the proposed products are ranked. The ranking will allow the management to prepare the month's production plan. The management can prepare the production plan with these results and the marketing requirement.

Break-Even Analysis:

This is an analysis tool to know the entire mill's break-even point. In this phase, the breakeven is automatically calculated from the costing results and the scheduled production. Through this report management can understand the mill's performance.


Sensitivity Analysis

The sensitivity analysis tool allows the management to change the costing factors even after generating the cost sheet. Cost sheet is generated based on the inputs given. This sensitivity tool recalculates the costing results with the given cost factor changes such as power, labour, raw material etc,. (Can be given as percentage or exact value). This tool recalculates the production cost, conversion cost, profit/loss per kg automatically.

Variance Analysis

In this analysis report, the package generates the variance between the estimated and the actuals. This report can be generated at the month end; so that the user can give the actual expenses and total count wise production. Based on the variance report, management can know the labour productivity and machine efficiency.

MIS Reports

The Management Information System reports are generated from the existing costing results. The user can view the reports monthly or periodically manner. This reporting module will be useful to the management to know the cost trends of raw material, power and labour.

Provision to view the raw material cost over a period group by counts. Provision to view the labour, power costs over a period.

Provision to generate reports over period for labour productivity. Net profit analysis, conversion cost analysis reports are generated Count wise profitability report over a period

Graphical Reports

These reports are the graphical representation of MIS reports. The report shows the data in an aesthetic format. The report can be used to know the cost trends and cost comparisons of raw material, power and labour.

Provision to generate a graphical report for costing elements of a count. Graphical report over a period for conversion cost can be generated.

Net profit / Spl.Shift, Net profit /kg, Cash profit / Spl.shift, Cash profit/kg results are shown over a period in a graphical report.

Count wise power consumption; count wise labour utilization graphical reports

Provision to generate graphical reports for Raw material cost, Labour cost, power cost, Bank interest and Overheads over a period.




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