AUTO MIXER in Blowroom | How it works?

BEQ : Which method of mixing will- give uniform end .product why? how stack mixing principle is adopted in modern mixing m/c?

Auto mixer with bale opener unit will gives uniform end product.


         i) To double the different layers of material ,-. and achieve
uniform thorough blending of material.

        ii) To comb the cotton.

        iii) To open" and clean the cotton.

Condenser collects  the cotton from the bale opener and delivers it on to the conveyor belt of the distributor! Conveyor belt of the distributor is traversing from one end of the machine to another (40ft.long) and being reversed at the end of the each traverse.

during its traverse, distributor uniformly spread the cotton, layer by layer in the upper mixing compartment.

When the required number of layers is reached in the upper bin, it is automatically opened and the layered stack now falls into the feed lattice of the bottom mixing bin.


The layered mass of cotton is then conveyed slowly towards an inclined spiked lattice, which will take the cotton from various layers.

Lumps of cotton will be carried upwards and hard pressed layers of cottons are well combed by the spikes of the inclined lattice.

Rapidly revolving spikes of the evener roller beats and open the cotton tufts.

Due to the close space between evener roller and inclined lattice and rotation of evener roller in a opposite direction^ unopened excess lumps of cotton are thrown back into the bottom.

Stripping roller strip" the cotton from inclined lattice and from here it is conveyed pneumatically to the opening and cleaning line of the machine through out let pipe.


stack mixing principle is adopted, uniform end product is achieved, more advantage over other mixing

Blending is partially achieved in the bale opener, but in Auto mixer, uniform blending is achieved by doubling the various subsequent layers of cotton with stack mixing principle.

In auto mixer, 40-60. layers (when the M/c. is equipped with upper trunk,) or 80 to 120 layers (in the case of. absence of upper trunk) of cottons are stacked horizontally and extended over a enlarged area (40ft long and 3 to 6 ft. height) and the subsequent layers of material is arranged one over the other because of this, doubling effect is achieved.

The stack thus formed is constantly being taken off in the vertical direction by the inclined lattice automatically so that in the delivered material there must be parts from at least 20 to 30 different layers and time spaced bundles. The auto mixer thus permits a controlled accumulation and thorough uniform blending of material.