To comb and extract the lighter impurities from cotton.


Kirschner Beater has 3 arms like 3 Bladed beater but in place of blades there are wooden lag(5.5 inch wide) carrying a large no. of steel pins (24 Rows) and inclined in the direction of rotation and project about 3/8 inch from surface of wooden lag. So, instead of beating ,here combing action is achieved.

The sheet of cotton delivered from feed roll is combed by the revolving steel pins of the beater against the grid across the width of the machine. Lighter impurities are thoroughly extracted from cotton and passed through the grid bars.

For what type of cotton you will prefer Kirschhner beater ?

Due to its minor cleaning action ie extraction of lighter impurities by combing action on cotton, it is cal1ed as miner cleaning point and is best suitable to process long staple & fine cotton. Because i) trash content is less in fine cotton. ii) Severe beating by Major cleaning points are not recommended for fine cotton, because severe beating will increase the neps & damage the fine/long staples of cotton.