What are the Special features of modern beater in Blowroom?

What are the important features of the modern beater which make them suitable to process different varieties of cotton? Briefly explain them by taking example of a modern beater.

The latest approach is to open and agitate the cotton and remove the micro dust as and when generated before they settle down again.

In all modern beaters (like mono cylinder, Improved porcupine beater, ERM cleaner etc. , the grids can be adjusted individually. The grid can be adopted to handle any degree of impurity and opening in the cotton to be processed by means of the lever provided with scales.

The grid can be adjusted regarding spacing (0 to l2mm) between grid as well as inclination(0 to 30°) , it is thus possible to adjust the amount of waste and its quality to the requirements and the different types of raw material.

Effective control of feed by the electronic feed regulator like P. E cell in the feeding section of the modern beater.

The aero dynamic principle of separation of trash from lint is employed in shirly opener and Airjet cleaner.

Loose beating technique is employed in step cleaner for good opening without any harsh beating. Also Micro dust extraction, improve the processing performance of the O.E. spinning.

The advantage of modern beater is like mono cylinder is that the impurities are separated from cotton without being crushed and this proves favourable during subsequent operations.

Special feature of the axiflo cleaner is that fibre contained in large tufts can not get entangled or lost through the grid. They remain in the machine till they are transformed into small tufts and release their impurities. The position of the adjustable guide plate between the two cylinder decides how long the tufts remain under the influence of the each cylinder.

All modern beaters are simple in construction and efficient unit suitable for all classes of cotton.

Maximum trash extraction.

Adjustable grid bar profile to optimise cleaning efficienty and suitable to process different varities of cotton.

Opening and beating are combined in the same machine for effective cleaning.

Less nep generation.

Less floor space.

Minimum maintenance.

Reduced power consumption.

Good blending action,

Improved yarn strength.