Give a Blowroom line/opening & cleaning line /typical sequence of B/R M/C for spinning 40 s carded yarn/or for 10s mixing/or for 80s mixing/ to process medium and fine cotton.

This sketch represents the Blow room

line suitable for processing all range of counts.


In case of low Grade Cotton( Coarser Mixing-below 40s) Trash % in low grade cotton is high. So, atleast 7 beating points are required to open and clean the cotton. so, all the machines in the given blow room line are to be utilised.

In case of Medium Grade Cotton(Medium Mixing -40s to 60s) Trash % in the medium grade cotton is low, so, 5 beating points are enough. In this case, Double vertical openers are by passed.

In case of Fine Mixing (Fine Grade Cotton-above 60s) Trash % in the fine cotton is very low. So, 3 beating points are enough. In this case, mono cylinder,both the vertical opener and porcupine openers are by-passed(or) the material from blender is directly fed into scutcher by passing all the machines in the opening and cleaning line.

Brief Explanation of Function of each Machines Employed In the Blow Room line;

* For adequate mixing, 3 blenders are arranged to feed or supply the material to one single process scutcher line.

Auto mixer mix the material thoroughly.

Monocylinder,vertical opener Stepcleaner, porcupine opener

3 and 2 Bladed beater open and clean the cotton by giving beating on cotton tuft.