S.R.R.L opener in Blowroom

Object : To open and clean the cotton clip_image051

Type : Loose feeding saw tooth opener

The cotton is deposited on to the feed lattice. Feed lattice convey the cotton into the bin. Each teeth of each saw toothed cylinder plucks small tuft of fibres from the rotating mass in the bin. Take off cylinder remove the small tuft of cotton from saw toothed cylinder. Take off cylinder convey the cotton over the combing roller.

Combing roller and grid bar extract the trash from cotton. Fast revolving-stripping brush remove the processed lint from takeoff cylinder from which they are sucked by the- subsequent condenser. Also, this brush generates the air stream, which assists in conveying the cotton to the next machine.

one third of the total trash content of the cotton is extracted by this machine.

34 inch wide machine will supply cotton to scutcher, 20" to 3 scutcher & 17" to 2 scutcher respectively.

Principle of this opener:

Momentum is given to a large mass of loosely restrained cotton with in bin and small tuft of fibre is plucked from this mass at a rate avoids breakage or damage to fibres.