Here also due to the seeds being acted upon by the reciprocating motion of the beater blade by the crank, seeds are separated from the fibre. But there are two beater blades A and B actuated from cranks C and D. They rise and fall alternatively. Other working procedure is same as the single acting macarthy gin.



1. Larger production

2. Two beater blades are well balanced each other. So, vibration is reduced.


Object: To separate the fibres from seed.


As shown in the figure, there are two leather roller and a" doctor knives is pressed against each leather roller. The beater knives act from above, and are given a reciprocating motion from a crank. Crank pin slide in a slot of arm carried by a vibrating shaft. Beater blades are fixed on arms projecting from vibrating shaft. Also grid and fingers are fixed on vibrating shaft.

WORKING: Seed cotton is fed into hopper -spaces. The c movement lowers this cotton into contact with leather roller in one side and raises it away from the roller on other side.

When the cotton comes into contact with leather roller, some cotton fibres are carried in the direction of leather roller but seed cottons are arrested by the doctor knife due to the seeds being acted upon by-the rapid reciprocating motion given to the beater blade by crank,{ the seeds are separated from fibres. Ginned cotton fibres are carried forward in the direction of leather roller.


Empty seeds are thrown into grid.

As the grid lowers, the space in it permit the fixed finger to pass between them, and so shake the seed to cause them to fall out readily.