ERM- Cleaner -Universal opening and cleaning machine | How it works

Object : To open and clean the cotton.

Type : Gripped and controlled feeding & saw toothed disc opener The fibre is blown into the laminar chute by an integrated fan. The filling of the chute is monitored by 2 photocell. Thepair of spring loaded feed roller in it ensure a controlled feed of the fibre tufts. Due to the heavier beating of the rapidly revolving saw toothed disc on cotton tufts against knife grid, highest possible degree of opening and cleaning of the fibre is achieved.


By means of graduated lever, the grid bar can be adjusted regarding spacing between the knife grid bar & brought into proper position relative to opening Roller according to handle any degree of impurities and opening in the cotton to be processed. It is thus possible to adjust amount of waste and its quality to the requirements of different types of material.

After opening and cleaning, the material is conveyed pneumatically through outlet pipe to the next machine.