HOPPER FEEDER In Blowroom: How it works

In Hopper Feeder the following objects are achieved :

The material is thoroughly blended in main bin.

The material is combed by the spikes of the inclined lattice.

The cotton is well opened when passes in between evener roller and spiked inclined lattice.

Sand, heavy trashes are extracted through grid bars and iron particles are removed from the cotton by the magnet.

Fan is provided in the top of the machine and sucks the dusty air which is settled down in the cellar.

Also, the principle object of the Hopper Feeder is to provide uniform feeding of cotton on lattice across the full width of the machine.


Because of these specialities, the Hopper Feeder is repeated in the Blow room line

The cotton coming from previous machine is deposited on creeper latticed Reserve bin. Creeper lattice will deliver the cotton on feed Lattice of main bin. Feed lattice will take cotton forward close to the inclined lattice. Swing door is used to maintain the constant level of cotton on feed lattice

Due to the spikes on the inclined lattice and direction of movement, lumps bf cotton will be carried upwards by the inclined lattice.

Hard pressed layers of cotton are well combed by the spikes of inclined lattice.

revolving spikes of the evener roller or lattice beats and open the cotton.

Due to the close space between evener lattice and inclined lattice and rotation of evener roller in a opposite direction, unopened excess lumps of cottons are thrown back into mixing bin.

Stripping roller strip the cotton from inclined lattice and projects it over a grid bar system where sand, heavy trash are passed through the spacing of the grid.

From stripping roller the cotton is deposited, layer by layer in. the reserve box and is taken into next machine by lattice in the form of uniform feeding across the full width of the scutcher.

Importance of feed control in Hopper Feeder:

The volume of cotton contained in the reserve bin determine the regulatity or uniformity of the lap.

Front sheet should be set properly according to the lap weight per yard required.

Improper feeding in the hopper and improper setting of front sheet will tend to produce too heavy or low weight lap (or) non uniformity lap which causes to reject the lap.

So feed control in Hopper Feeder is important in the blow room line to produce uniform lap.