Step cleaner in Blowroom | How it works?

step cleaner or ultra cleaner or Gradient cleaner or Giant cleaner:

Type : Loose feeding pin opener

Object : To open & clean the cotton

Feeding section :

Condenser is employed to feed cotton to the step cleaner. Photo-cell arrangement in the reserve tower unit monitor the height of reserve fibre and signals stop or start commands to the proceeding machine. Cotton is fed from the reserve tower by pair of feed roller. According to the height of cotton level, photo cell in the reserve tower of subsequent machine, drive the feed Roller intermittently by motorised gear reduction unit. Beating section :

The rapid revolution of 6 beating cylinders (multiple beater)

and beating of the spikes on cotton against grid bar

centrifugal force and gravity combine effectively to open the cotton and remove the heavier impurities.


Heavier impurities, dust & dirt particles, short fibres, etc, from the cotton are passed through the spacing of the bars and is collected outside the grid bar.

Micro dust Extraction :

Micro dust & fine impurities have deleterious effects on working environment in Textile mill and affect the yarn quality & subsequent processing specially in open end spinning.

Here, dust which is liberated by the action of multiple
beater, is transferred through the perforated screen of the dust
hood and removed by an air stream. Rapidly rotating six

beating cylinder takes the tufts upwards & after opening and cleaning, the cotton from the last beating cylinder is conveyed pneumatically to the next machine through outlet pipe.


i) Effective Micro dust Extraction by dust hood.

ii) The degree of opening and trash extraction can be adjusted for a very wide range of cotton types and grades by changing the speed of beater, (460,640 and 800 rpm) and the profile of grid to beater.

iii) Action of multiple beater and grid bars Removes heavy impurities iv) maximum trash extraction.

v) Simple efficient unit suitable for all classes of cotton.

vi) Design features facilitate integration with Centralised waste extraction system.

vii) Adjustable grid bar profile to optimise cleaning efficiency.