Mixing Bale opener with weight blending technique | How it works

Object, passage of cotton & working procedure of Mixing bale opener is same as the hopper bale opener, but the difference is


From stripping roller, the cotton flocks are thrown into trunk, which guides them into the pair of feed roller which is spring loaded.

The compressed sheet of cotton which are delivered from feed roller are heavily beat by saw toothed cylinder. This beating action divides the material ' into smallest flock. Saw toothed cylinder projects the flocks over the grid, where sand and heavy trash particles are extracted.

The cotton falls into an outlet funnel are taken away Pneumatically to the next machine.

In addition to the cleaning through grid bar system an exhaust fan at the top of the machine will suck the dust, air and short fibres from inside of the machine through perforated sheet.

This pepper trash is taken by pneumatic pipe to the cellar (dust chamber).