MONO CYLINDER CLEANER in Blowroom | working principle

Object : To open and clean the cotton.

Advantages : Impurities are separated without being crushed.

This proves favourable during subsequent operations.
Type : Loose feeding pin opener.


The well opened tuft of cotton from mixing bale opener enter the machine at right angles to the pin cylinder axis.

The pin cylinder has 8 rows of six pins each, arranged spirally -around its circumference.

Due to the collision of the cotton tufts with rapidly revolving pin cylinder against grid bar, impurities from cotton is extracted and passed through the spacing of the grid bar.

After the tufts come into the contact with the grids for the first time, they are flung into the top part of the housing. Owing to the guide plate, the tufts moves along a helical path, so that they fall on the pin of the cylinder again and retaken past the grid a second time. At the same time the tufts are turned over, so that all their surface are brought into contact with grid, assisting the removal of dirt. The spiral path is continued by the guide plate and the tufts pass over the grid a third time, after which they leave the machine at the outlet.

The grids are arranged in two separate section which can be adjusted individually. The grid can be adopted to handle any degree of impurities and opening in the cotton to be processed by means of the lever provided with the scales. The grid can be adjusted regarding spacing ( 0 to 12 mm) between the grid bar, as well as inclination ( angular setting of the grid bar -0° to 30°). It is thus possible to adjust the amount of waste and its quality to the requirements and the different types of raw material ,

Magnetic Double Elbow : This is installed in mono cylinder to remove larger or smaller solid foreign bodies of metallic and non-metallic origin. By deviating the fibre-air stream through a sharp angle, heavy particles are thrown in to the metal box by inertia. Light metallic parts are further more attracted by a permanent magnet plate.V