Blending bale opener or hopper bale breaker: working Principle

Objects :

i) To mix the various varieties of cotton thoroughly

ii) To comb the cotton,

iii) To open un clean the cotton.

iv) To extract the iron particles from cotton. The constructional details of the machine are shown in fig.


Number of bales of various varieties of cotton to be mixed will be arranged on either side of the creeper lattice.

Stack Mixing:

According to the proportion, different varieties of cottons to be mixed are uniformly spread on the floor one over the other. This mixing is now allowed to stand/for a day to allow it expand, aerate and condition naturally. The cotton is then pulled manually, from top to bottom so that we can achieve uniform mixing, and is fed into the creeper lattice of the bale opener.

Creeper lattice will deliver the cotton on feed lattice. By the movement of feed lattice, the cotton is conveyed against the spiked upright lattice.

Swing door and limit switch for the feed control in hopper:

Swing door is used to control the feed in the main bin or maintain the constant level of cotton on feed lattice. This- is kept, so that it is always towards the upright lattice, if the cotton is gets accumulated inside the hopper then the door will come back by the pressure of the cotton that feeds and that comes in contact. Thus the swing door acts according to the amount of cotton” inside the hopper.

The shaft of the swing door is connected to a switch box with a cam on it i.e., on the stud / shaft and it is free on the stud. And on the other side of the shaft a lever with dead weight is fixed. : This is to keep the swing door always towards the upright lattice.

While the swing door is towards the upright lattice, the cam will press the micro switch and the make the creeper lattice to act. While the swing door is away from upright lattice, the cam will not press the. Micro switch, this will make the creeper lattice to stop the feed to the hopper.

According to the amount of cotton we require inside the hopper we can adjust the dead weight. By moving the dead weight away from the fulcrum, the swing door will gets more towards the upright lattice, and this makes the cam to press the micro switch and make the creeper lattice to feed more.

The level of the cotton- inside the hopper should be always in 3/4 level at all time if not we will forced to run .the upright lattice at a high speed or forced to make more open or more gap between the evener roller and upright lattice (if the gap is made more then the opening of the cotton will be reduced)

Due to the spikes on the inclined lattice and direction of movement, lumps of cottons wil1 be carried upwards by the inclined lattice. Hard pressed layers of cottons are well combed by the spikes of the inclined lattice. Rapidly revolving spikes of the evener roller (or regulating roller) beats and open the cotton.

Due to the close space between evener roller and inclined lattice and rotation of evener roller in opposite direction, unopened excess lumps of cottons are' thrown back into the bottom mixing bin. (on feed lattice)

Wiper roller (or clearer rol1er) effectively removes any cotton’s which are adhering to the evener roller.

Stripping’ roller strips the cotton from inclined lattice and projects it over grid bar system where sand and heavy trashes are extracted.

The cotton falls into an outlet funned are taken away pneumatically to the next machine through pneumatic pipes.

In the outlet funnel, permanent magnets are fitted to extract the iron particles from the cotton fibre for trouble-free' operation, particularly in Blow Room and carding.

How the production and degree of opening on a hopper bale breaker or blending bale opener or mixing bale opener can be altered?

A. Distance, between inclined lattice and evener roller will determine degree of opening and production of the machine. This setting can be adjusted sleeplessly by means of hand wheel so as to regulate the flow of material in accordance with the production.

Settings : 1/2 inch for fine and 1/4 inch for medium and coarser cotton, closed setting - gives less production and will make the tufts more opening and vice versa.

B. i) The speed of the spiked inclined lattice may be varied b means of an expanding pulley, according to the requirement production and degree of opening.

Comparision between hopper bale breaker and blending bale opener.

The blending Bale Opener has

1 Shorter, finer and more spikes on the inclined lattice as compared to hopper bale breaker.

ii) Evener cylinder also has more pins or spikes.

iii) Stripper has three rows of intersecting leather flaps and three rows of spikes, so that tufts delivered are smaller than hopper bale breaker.