Dust Extraction in Blow Room line:

During the beating & opening action of machines, large amount of dust is generated. This has to be removed effectively for 2 reason

i)To Safe guard the health of operative.

ii) To reduce, the micro duct in cleaned cotton.


* No. of fans are used in the scutcher carry the cotton from one machine to another.

* The air is heavily charged with dust & short Fibres. * This dust laden air exhausted by the fan is blown into cellar, which is the dust Room under, the scutcher.

* Cellar is necessary to collect the dust which the air Carries. If the fans exhausted directly outside, the Mill yard would be very dusty.

* Leading from the dust room(Cellar) there is a dust chimney Dust Tower) through which the dust air passes from the dust room to out doors.

II. Cellar less Blow Room:

In cellar less Blow Room line Filters are introduced to maintain the atmoshpere free from dust.

* By recirculating the filtered air to the room, it maintain the even temperature and R.H% of the room and reduce the humidification cost. , Further, short fibres are collected as Saleable waste. Recirculating air Filter ( Dust Filter Bag)

This filter receive the dust-ladened air from the fans of scutcher at the top. Air strikes against a buffle and travels downward within the filter case (fig is given in next page).

The sides of the filter are covered with a coarse screen. outside of this screen is a second screen with fine mesh.


Air laden with dust is drawn by the fan from Blow Room via under floor or over head ducting and is then blown into primary filter Rapidlly. Fine screen collects the dust and it built up between fine and coarse screen which form a filter, permitting the filtered pure air to pass out.Dust inside the screen droops into bottom where there is a compartment designed to collect.


Fibrous waste being deposited in a thick blanket on the surface of the drum.

The filtered air with residual dust emerge axialully from the primary filter drum and pass radially into the secondary filter drum, which is covered with thick porous filter medium.


Clean air emerges axially from Second filter drum can returned to the department directly or via the air conditioning system filter unit.

It is a minor cleaning point where the lighter impurities, fine dust and floating fibres are extracted from the cotton by the air current. A No. of dust trunks are provided in series in pneumatice conveyer pipe. During the passage of cotton pneumatically in conveyor duct, the slight resistance of the suspended plate upon the cotton causes the light impurities to deposit/fall under the trunk.

Dust seperation by Grid bar: Dust & other trash particles which are extracted through spacing of the grid bar of Various beaters & falls into the dead air box( under the grid, not in cellar) This droppings & dust has to be collected / cleaned frequently (every] shift).