How does the ginning operation affect the spinning performance?

Unginned and broken seeds in cotton cause 1ot of difficulties in subsequent spinning preparation process.

At scutcher, these seeds get crushed under the calendar roller and expel cotton seed oil which affects quality of the Lap.

At the card, the metallic wires get loaded with seed coats, seed oil and wax substances. Some times seeds gets crushed under feed roller or calendar roller and expel the seed oil, which affect the carding quality.

Neps formation in ginning will tend to produce curly cotton in Blow Room, neps in card sliver and undrafted material, end breaks, in-sufficient twist insertion in fly frame and Ring frame.

At every stage, control of material depends upon the fibre length.

So fibre damage or gin cut fibres in the ginning directly affect the subsequent spinning process.

For example fibre damage in gin causes to produce short fibres, fly liberation, fibre loss, in subsequent spinning departments and short fibre content greatly influences regularity of yarn. Fibre length influences the yarn strength and spinning value.