3 Bladed Beater AND 2 Bladed Beater

Object : To open and clean the cotton,

Type : Semi fast controlled feeding bladed beater Type.


2 Bladed beater has 2 arms while 3 Bladed beater has 3 arms which are fixed on central shaft.

Steel blade running across the width of the scutcher is firmly revetted to each edge of the arm.

Each edge of the blade is bevelled inorder to strike the cotton clearly and also reverse the blade whenever the sharpness of the blade is reduced by its continuous usage. Frequency for reversing the blade is 1 year.

The cotton fed by the previous opener is carried forward by the feed lattice. The sheet of cotton now pass through pedal & pedal roller and weighted pair of feed roller to give necessary grip on cotton.

The weight of cotton fed per unit time is maintained

constant by the pedal feed control mechanism.

The compressed sheet of cotton delivered from the feed roller is heavily beated by rapidly revolving bladed beater against grid bar across the width of the Machine. Because of this, the cotton is effectively opened and trash particles extracted from the tufts are passed through the spacing of grid bar.

At the end of grid bar, stripping rail(metal bar) is set about 1/16 inch away from the end of blade. This small setting prevents the cleaned bunches of cotton being carried around by the beater again. It prevents the production of curly cotton and neps.

Cotton from the beater Region is taken out by the air current set up by the cage with fan and is deposited on to the cage. During the passages of cotton between beater and cage, it passes over a series of suspended leaf bars, where lighter impurities are extracted & passed through the spacing of the leaf bar.