The Objects of the blow room are :

1. To open the compressed layer of bale of cotton or any staple fibres.

2. To blend different varieties of cotton in the desired proposion to prepare the raw material for the spinning process.

3. To extract the impurities like broken seeds, husks, leaves, sand, stone & iron particles, short fibres, immature fibres, dust, dirt and other foreign materials from the cotton by opening and beating.

4. To convert the mass of cotton fibres in to a uniform thick sheet of cotton both longitudinally and transversely and to wound in the form of compactly built lap.

The object of fibre recovery section of Blow room is recover maximum spinnable fibres from trashy waste obtained from no, blow room, licker-in droppings and flat strips etc.. by special machines in order to reduce the consumption of - virgin n. Provision is made either to mix regenerated fibres with virgin cotton or may be used separately to spin lower counts.