classification of opening & cleaning machines - Blowroom

All opening & cleaning machines can may be broadly classified following types : Loose feeding and beating technigue-free beating pointed led type of feeding by air suction :

1. Vertical opener ( Bladed beater type)

2. Step cleaner ( Pin opener type)

3. S.R.R.L opener ( Saw tooth opener type)

4. Axi flow cleaner/ spiro cleaner. ( Pin opener type)

5. Mono cylinder ( Pin opener type )

6. Air jet cleaner (Dust extraction from cotton by air force) semi fast gripped and controlled feeding and beating technique :

1. Porcupine opener ( Bladed beater type)

2. 3 or 2 Bladed beater ( Bladed beater type)

3.  Kirschner beater

4. Improved porcupine beater

5. E.R.M cleaner

Major & Minor cleaning points

The machine where heavier trash particles are extracted from cotton by heavier beating action is called Major cleaning Point.

Ex : Vertical opener, Porcupine opener, step cleaner S.R.L.L. Opener, Shirley opener

The Machines where only fine dust & lighter impurities extracted by giving light beating or combing action on cotton by air current is called minor cleaning point.

EX: Kirschner beater, condensing cages, Dust Trunk, Dust filters,