Blow room - beater suitable for low, medium and fine cotton.

Suggest a modern blow room fine sutiable for spinning 80s yarn or for processing low medium cotton or for fine cotton or for processing sea-island cotton Brief function of each machine in a modern blow room line:

In order to retain adequate mixing three blenders are arranged to feed one single process line. Mono cylinder-open and clean the cotton. Automixer mix the material throughly. Double ERM cleaner, open and clean the cotton. Two way distributor, distribute the cotton from cleaning line into two automatic scutcher equally.


This modern blow room line is suitable for spinning all range of counts. In the case low grade cotton mixing, (below 40s) all the beaters can be utilised. In case of medium grade cotton mixing (40s - 60s)one ERM cleaner can be bypassed. In the case of fine mixing (above 60s, sea-island cotton) one ERM cleaner and monocyUnder can be bypassed. In the case of staple fibre mixing, the material from the blender is directly fed to scutcher bypassing all the machines in a cleaning line.