Calender Roller weighting


The object of the calender roller weighting is to compress the loose sheet of cotton delivered from the cage by applying weighting, a force of upto 2 tones being applied by means of the lever or calender roller is pressed by the spring leading of 1500 kg (This can be leaded upto 2000 kg. in each side).

The top calender bush is pressed by 'T' piece. This 'T' piece is pressed by lengthly Bolt and nut. The lengthy bolt is connected to the metal piece at the bottom with nut. The metal piece is attached to the weighting level with bolt and nut.

The weighting lever is fulcrumed as shown in the fig. A dead weight is fixed on other side of the weighting lever. By these leverage arrangement the calender rollers are being always under pressure.

The calender roller pressure can be changed by : i) by moving the dead weight towards the fulcrum or away from the fulcrum.

ii) By adjusting the nuts(a ,b, c ,d, e, f, ) as shown in the figure.

In rainy or winter season, the calender roller pressure; should be kept less to avoid lap licking.

Calender roller pressure:

If more- lap licking will be there If insufficient - loose sheet of cotton will be delivered

If more in oneside - conical lap will be formed.

Calender roller pressure should be kept less when processing synthetic fibres.