Steps to be taken while changing the length & hank of the lap



Lap Hank= lap length in hanks/weight in lbs.

To change lap hank, the feeding to the sctucher is altered by following methods.

i) feed roller speed is changed by altering the position of the cone drum belt by trial & errer method to bring the required Lap weight & lap hank.

ii) front sheet & back sheet position of the reserve box of the

Hopper feeder & swing door position is altered i.e. weight/unit

length fed to scutcher is altered depending on the required lap hank. For example, to get more wt/ yard of lap front sheet should be moved forward, to increase the volume of the reserve box to get heavier lap.

iii) in automatic scutcher, press button switches are provided for the regulation of the lap weight per yard and lap hank through a servomoter on the P.I.V. drive . The current postion of the PIV drive and the degree of regulation are clearly indicated on a scale. It is possible to determine the optimum

Setting very quickly in case of lap hank change overs. In case of automated scutcher, only the basic lap weight per yard is set by using the corresponding press button switches. All adjusments are automatically carried out by the lap weigher.