To separate the fibres from seed

The constructional details of the machine are clearly Shown



The seed cotton is placed on the table. By means of the reciprocating motion of the table by the crank arrangement, the seed cotton comes into contact with the revolving leather covered roller.

Some cotton fibres are carried in the direction of leather roller, but seed cottons are arrested by the doctor knife.

A steel beater blade is connected by means of a connecting rod, with a crank on the driving shaft.

Due to the seeds being acted upon by the rapid reciprocating motion given to the beater blade by the crank, the seeds are separated from fibres.

Ginned cotton fibres are carried onward in the direction of leather roller, stripping board strip the fibres from the leather roller and empty seeds are thrown into grid, through which they pass into suitable receptacle.


1. The supporting rod which is connected with beater blade and centered as shown in fig. is used to adjust the distance between blade and leather roller.

2. The vertical movement of the beater blade should be 3/8 inch above the doctor knife.

3. Sharp edge of the doctor knife-does not cut—the-fibres.

4. The degree of pressure of the doctor knife upon the leather roller. Can be varied according to the tenacity with which the fibres adhere to the seeds. This is done by adjusting the spring and thumb screws.

5. The pressure of the doctor knife.. and distance between leather roller and doctor knife should be in such a way that no seed will be allowed to pass in the direct ion of leather roller.


All type of macarthy gins are suitable to process long stapled cotton such as sea island cotton, Egyptian cotton and long stapled Indian cottons. Long stapled cottons are of a type in which the fibres are easily separated from seeds, so light beating on seed is enough to separate the fibres, this is achieved in this gin by light beating action of the beater blade on seed, fibre damage & broken seeds are the results if processed through other gins of heavier beating points such as knife roller gin and saw gin.