Proper selection and positioning of machines in blow room line

Feeding techniques of all the opener and cleaning machines can be broadly classified into two types.

1. Loose feeding (free beating points)

Examples: Vertical opener, step cleaner, mono cylinder, S.R.R.L. Opener, Axiflo cleaner, etc. ,

2. Semi-fast gripped feeding (controlled feeding)

Examples: Porcupine opener, 3 bladed beater, ERM cleaner,etc., Loose feeding beating technique is employed in the initial cleaning line so that heavy impurities are removed, otherwise they will be crushed into fragments while fed into gripped feeding through pair of feed roller and it is very difficult to Remove crushed impurities.

Certain machine gives its best in terms of cleaning efficiency, it must be fed with material that has been preopened to a certain degree.

The kirschner beater is a minor cleaning point and because
of its intensive combing action and it improve the evenness and
texture of lap. So it must be placed as the last machine of the

Proper speeds & settings:

This decides the amount of opening & cleaning that can be achieved by a machine. High beater speed & closer beater settings gives better cleaning. But, beater speed & setting depends upon type of cotton, maturity & trash content. Improper setting, speed results fibre damage, nep generation of cotton.

Type of raw material to be processed : Selection & No. of openers & beaters depends upon the type of cotton & trash in them Long, finer & immature cottons cannot be subjected to too many cleaning points, since over treatment will results fibre damage, and neps.

low grade cotton with high trash content will require more beating points.