Types of scutcher in Blowroom

Following are 3 types of scutcher

Breaker scutcher

Finisher scutcher 

single process scutcher.

The lap which is produced first is called breaker scutcher lap.

Four breaker laps are placed on lattice of the scutcher line, doubled, and processed again to produce the lap again which is called finisher lap. Because of it, additional cleaning is achieved and regularity of finisher lap is improved.

In modern line, there is only one operation "single process scutcher line"

Modern Beater and electronically controlled feed system and various modernisation in the single process line, reduces both the within and between lap weight variation, and improve the evenness of the lap in single process itself.

So, it is claimed that single process line having the modern beater and electronically feed controller has the following advantages:

Less Floor space; less CV% of lap; Reduced workand worker.
Time saving ; Minimum maintenance; Improved lap uniformity
Reduced power consumption ; Reduced cost of production ;
Increased production rate.