How to Select the Cotton For Mixing

Cotton is selected by considering the following points.

i) Fibre length, fineness, strength influences yarn strength & spinning value.

ii) Short fibre content, fineness influences on Regularity of yarn.

   iii) Maturity and fineness of cotton determine neps generation at different stages,

   iv) Trash % in the cotton -indicate- no of beating points treatment necessary in blow room.

II. Fibre quality Index '(FQI) = lusm / f


l u = product of 2.5 % span length in mm and uniformity

Ratio %(u) measured on digital fibrograph divided by ICC

s = Bundle fibre strength in g/tex at 3mm gauge

length. measured on stelometer.

m = maturity co-efficient determined by sodium hydroxide swelling technique,

f = fibre fineness or micronaire value (micro games/inch) FQI is a measure to assess the quality characteristic of the cotton required for spinning different counts with desired CSP values.

III. CSP ( Count Strength Product) = (310-count) √ FQI

IV. Maturity Co-efficient= (M + 0.6H + 0.4I)/100


Where, M,H and I are % of mature. Half mature and immature fibre respectively (Determined by standard sodium hydroxide

swelling technique)

vi) Fibre propensity for imperfection = trash % x short fibre % divided by Micronaire value

It is a useful tool in the selection of cotton for minimizing . the imperfections in the yarn and it should be maintained below : 16.

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consideration for the selection of cotton.