Blowroom - By-pass Arrangement


Number of beating points required for low grade cotton with high trash content (Coarser counts-below 40s) = 7

For medium grade cotton with medium trash content (medium
counts -40s to 60s)    = 5

For good grade cotton with low trash content (Finer counts-above
60s) = 3


The No. of machine should be provided for opening and cleaning is desired by the trash% in the cotton and other important fibre qualities.

In such a case, some of the machine will not be needed. During processing fine mixing, vertical opener is not recommended, Porcupine beater need not be used while processing viscose ,rayon.

While processing blends such as polyester cotton, Viscose | cotton, poly/viscose & finer cotton ,the No of beating points are reduced.

This necessitates an arrangement for by passing a particular harsh machine, this is achieved by providing by pass arragement in the opening & cleaning line ( in major / harsh opener).

By pass arrangement is very important to process various types of cotton in the single/same blow room line to increase the versatility of blow room line.