Aero Mixer in Blowroom | How it works?

Objects :

In this machine, an intensive, instantaneous perfect and homogeneous blending of minitufts (.005-.010 gram) together with simultaneous mixing by doubling over an extended period time is achieved.


Storage section:

It consists the material distributing duct into which the tufts are blown. Over a adjustable separating noses, a relevant turbulence is formed which creates a thorough instantaneous blending. Six vertical filling trunks of varying heights are arranged in the direction of flow of material.

Condensing funnel

This, brings about a 2-3 fold mechanical condensation of six layers of material. In this way, holding capacity of 350 kg is obtained. A conveyor belt together with conveying roller carry the material to the opening & mixing section.

Opening & mixing section :

This section directs the flow of material to the action of

two pairs of pressure roller each with an opening roller.

Owing to the different stretches to be traveled the

Constituent comprising the mixing, which have been fed
. simultaneously to the trunks, arrive at the delivery and sucked-
off by the subsequent machine.