How Laps formed in Blowroom?

The cages uniformely distributes the cotton in uniform sheet form across the width of the machine to calender roller section.

There are four calender roller made off polished cast iron mounted one over the other, are heavily weighted, by a force of to 2 tonnes being applied by means of the lever. The sheet of cotton passes out between top and second calender roller and then leaves between bottom and third calender roller as shown in figure. The surface speed at the nipping point of the two calender roller, will make the lap sheet to give more ironing effect and also a pressing effect. This makes the lap sheet compact.

From bottom calender roller the sheet of cotton passes under the dead or pressure roller which helps to maintain the compact condition of the sheet as it is delivered to the fluted shell rol1ers.

In between two shell rollers, lap roller is placed and this tap roller is rotated by the surface contact of the shell roller.

The worker places the sheet of cotton between lap roller and
shell roller and pressure is applied at both the end of the lap
roller. This initiates the formation of the lap on the lap