Advantages of modern Blow room line

Modern Blow Room line or latest developments in the B/R machinery consists

Modern mixing machine ( Automixer, Multimixer, Aeromixer, Latest mixing bale opener etc.,)

Improved opener & Beater ( ERM cleaner, mono cylinder, axiflo cleaner, Airjet cleaner, etc.)

Automatic scutcher.

Automatic lap doffing device.

Salient feature of modern mixer :

1. Perfect and homogeneous blending.

2. Simultaneous mixing by doubling over an extended period of

time is achieved in the case of Aeromixer .

3. In auto mixer, stack mixing principle is adopted and it

permits a controlled accumulation and doubling of different layers of material and uniform thorough blending of material is achieved (ten times greater than conventional mixer). For details of salient features of modern beater, improved openers, automatic scutcher & automatic lap doffing