Object : To rotate the lap spindle under tension and get the hardened lap or compact lap.

To stop the machine after one lap is completed and to doff the lap and then restart the machine, lap spindle at both ends are pressed by racks.

All the other constructions are shown in figure.


The brake drum against which a brake pad, fitted with suitable brake lining, is made to press by means of the dead weight, which adjustable.

This Dead weight is carried on weighting lever, pivoted at x and with a high ratio of leverage in exerts considerable upward! pressure on braking lever which has its fulcrum at N and which carries the brake pad.

The forward end of the weighing lever has a foot pedals which when depressed by the operative, releases the braking pressure on the drum and so permits the operative to raise or lower the lap racksfor doffing and restarting.

As the lap increases in diameter, the racks lift, so rotating the pinion and transmitting motion through the gears to the brake drum., which has to turn against the brake action, thus exerting a considerable pressure on the lap through out the whole period of formation of lap.

When depressed by the. operative, releases the breaking pressure on the brake drum and so permits the operative to raise or lower the racks for doffing and restarting.